Where do I get that LIST

Hey everyone I seen alot of people make comments on direct mailing to find potential properties, But how do you obtain a mailing list to target your direct mailing to?

Thanks for your response

Which list do you want to target?

in some places, you can get it from the title company. In general you can buy it from a list broker such as www.infousa.com

for abandon homes and whatever else that i can get access to

Best thing is to get a list of properties that have their tax bills sent to someplace other than the property address. Sometimes you can buy such a list from the county. Other times there will be a local service that uses it.

But it will be ALL properties with an owner someplace else - including rentals, vacation homes, abandoned properties, etc.

I don’t know of any way to get it more specific than that.

But you could also often get a list of folks who are delinquent in paying their property taxes. Depending on your needs, that list may be better than non residents.