Where do I find the hedge funds buying cash flowing rental homes?


I keep hearing about Hedge Funds and Private Equity funds that buy cash flowing rental properties. But whre do you find them?

one way is if you have access to the MLS do I search for all sold properties in your market in the last 60 days and do a reverse look up on the properties to see who bought them… you’ll have the buyers you need hopefully some are what your looking for but nonetheless you’ll have buyers so no matter who they are they buy properties :beer

I would think linked in might be a good place to start trying to make connections in that arena, however I do know some wholesalers who sell to hedge funds and I understand it to be somewhat difficult to gain access to the key people without a bit of a reputation in the industry yourself. Depending on your experience in wholesaling I’m not sure this is the easiest path to pursue. You really need to be on top of your game when you talk with these folks or you’ll blow it anyway. There are many financial websites were you would go for stock quotes. you would need to search REIT or Real Estate Investments Trusts on financial websites and start making calls. Your are basically looking to make for contacts on wall street. I think reviewing the prospectus reports is what will tell you the types of properties they hold in the portfolios.


Hedge funds don't typically buy one house at a time, they buy homes in groups of many homes put together as a bundle!


We have a hedge fund guy buying at our tax lien sales and he spends about 3,8 million each year. He will buy just about anything at any price. REAL GAMBLER !