Where do I find private investors for commercial deals?

I’m trying to buy commercial properties with as little money down as possible.

Other than owner financing, how can I find investors for this?

I think that crowdfunding will make me very wealthy some day.

Using a commercial lender for the majority and crowdfund for the down payment.

Crowd funding has terms similar to personal loans.

And the property will be especially profitable once 3-5 years go by and the crowdfund loans are paid off. I would be wise to avoid giving partial ownership.

Or if I can sell bonds through the SEC, that would be nice, too…

9% junk bonds over 30 years sounds pretty good…

You can go for crowdfund tactics. Last year I have stared my new real estate project. I was worried about raising money for the project. I discussed the matter with my friends, who were already in this field. They told me about crowdfund. For this, your platform must be strong. For this, you can make best use of social media. Once your effort is successful, you’ll get good amount for the purpose. Whatever your profit be on the the project , it must be shared with the investors in the form of dividend.


The problem with crowd funding is you have to prepare a prospectus for investors, that prospectus requires certain disclosure information and financial information required by law. You must still meet REG D 504 requirements to do a $1,000,000 or less capital raise! 

Right now the biggest problem is “What experience do you have”?

To prepare the prospectus figure to spend $5k to $15k in time, money and effort. Then figure to spend money on “Blue Sky Registrations”! Then figure to spend money on the “Dog and Pony” show to raise capital. Then figure to spend money paying for your choice of “Crowd funding platforms”!

Figure it will take 3 to 6 months or more to raise capital!

The junk bond market is worse as you have to provide everything you provided for a REG D offering and must meet a higher level of due diligence due to a restriction of sales to only institutional investors who have to protect their funds!


How did you finance everything in the beginning first steps?

How did you float yourself financially in the beginning stages?

That’s an excellent mix of authors. If I added one more it would be Bernard Zick. I’m not sure he wrote a book, but he was the author of several real estate-related courses on creative financing, options, and negotiating, that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Never mind they were enormously expensive resources, but worth every penny to me.

Tony Robbins is a source that you’ve got to be ready for first. If you just read him cold, and for example, you’re not in hot water in some way, or other, his insights won’t mean a lot.

The first time I thumbed through Awaken The Giant Within and Unlimited Power it was just so much psychobabble to me. A few years later, I found myself in a mess, and I started re-reading his books, and this time around, I devoured them. Frankly, after putting what he offered to work for myself, I’ve never been the same. Absolutely a game-changer for me.

As an aside, you begin to recognize others who’ve read and internalized the principals he outlines in his books, because they share a unique nomenclature that only Robbins’ fans will recognize. Hmmmm.

Robert Allen is the supreme ‘creative real estate financing’ author. All of his books are ‘must-haves’ for any real estate investor’s library.


you can go with your prospect investors, such as family, friends and other circles, just make a good proposal anyway.

How did you get the money for your first deal and to keep yourself going during the beginning stages of being an investor/landlord?

I agree with illenaparker, crowdfunding is a good way to find private investors for commercial deals. It is a platform that brings investors and entrepreneurs together through social media and crowdfunding websites.