Where do i find pre foreclosures here ?

What do i look under to find pre-forclosures here there are so many documents to choose from…?

The county recorder office in your town would be a good start.

Howdy Mohegan:

You are right about all the documents at the website. It is confusing. Another problem too is that the recording time could take 10 days to 2 weeks. Even a few days before they show up on the screen may be too long. The trustee assignment should be the first doc to be recorded or appointment of a substitute trustee. This is usually filed the same time as the notice to forclose but has to be filed before the notice if the lien holder is changing trustees.

Your best bet is to pay for the service that watches tracks the postings and sells a subscription to the lists. Even better is getting the list dailly as it is posted at the courthouse wall. Even better yet is to get the seller to call you before it even gets to this point by marketing .

Hope some of this helps and LOL