Where do I find good deals to wholesale?

Hello, to all of you. This is my first post on here and I am extremly new to this so please bare with me. I’ve been to my court house and looked at the postings they have, i’ve been searching cragslist, looking for houses on the street, posting signs. where should I bee looking to find the deals? I live in Salt Lake City if it makes a difference.

You could:

  • Drive around looking for junkers
  • Drive around looking for vacant houses
  • Use you online tax assessor’s database to find houses in local neighborhoods that were last purchased for a price approx. 30 to 50% of the current ARV
  • Drive around looking for FSBO signs
  • Check forsalebyowner.com and FSBO.com

Someone else please add to this list.

to avoid the costs of trying to tie up some deals and to speed up the learning process, you could try partnering up with an experienced wholesaler, assisting him or her in the marketing, getting a cut of the deal once you have gotten it sold.

thanks for responding. i’ve found a few places just from driving around that are vacant houses. The windows are boarded up, the yards have been let go…i even found one house with notices to shut the power off. how do i investigate further into these houses? i would just knock on the door, but no one is home.

check county tax assessor real estate info online. should give owners info