Where do I find Birddogs?

I work a lot of hours and I need to know wher do I find a birddog to do some of my leg work?

Talk to everybody, tell them what you do, and give them a card, so when they see a house they know who to call.

Beware, dont pass out a thousand cards if you cant move on a deal though, too many investors tell me to call when I get a great deal, then I call and they cant buy, those investors dont get calls anymore.

Thanks…I really thank that will work. I found several houses just locating the owners are the grunt work that coincides with my current work schedule.

Here’s a couple of things you might do:

  1. Go to a local sign shop that makes magnetic signs for the side of your vehicle. Have them put on it :
    “Want to make an easy $500?” (or something to that effect)
    Call 555-555-0000 or go to “www.yoursitehere.com

If you do any amount of driving, your phone should start to ring from these signs. You might want to set up an automated answering system that explains exactly what kind of services you need taken care of and how those individuals will be paid. Hey, $500 per “CLOSED DEAL” to a new bird-dog will keep them coming back for more ad-infinitum AND $500 for getting a property under contract really isn’t all that much to pay when you consider that you could wrap that cost into your offer.

  1. Check with your local real estate investment clubs and see who they use. Bear in mind, this one might not work as well. Most RE investors don’t want to divulge such info unless there’s a HUGE something in it for them. again, it could not only be a great way to find more bird-dogs, but it could also network you in with other investors to help broaden your investment capabilities.

  2. Try putting ads in the “Real Estate Wanted” section of the newspaper, or one under “General Employment” The ad could read something like "… Tired of not making what you’re worth? Easy job - GREAT PAY!!! call: and put your number or web address here.

Hope this helps


My name is vs Myers, I’m located in VA BCH, VA, I a property locator(bird dog).
If you are interested in the state of VA, please email me at vsmyers@yahoo.com.
I look forward to your reply.

VS Myers
Property Locator
VA Bch, VA

I’m sure this post will turn up a few. I’m not a bird-dogger, but I do wholesale (almost as good).