where do I buy steve cook's wholesale course?

I can’t seem to find a website that sells it

I have a copy I bought in 2005 (not sure if it’s been updated since), if you wanna buy one. I also have his Rehabbing course and William’s “Ultimate Sub2 Guide”. Let me know.

I would be very interested in buying the wholesaling and rehabbing course of of you

What is you opinion of Williams Sub2 Course?? I am thinking of ordering that one myself in the next month or so.

Steve is about to come out with a brand new version of his course within the next week or so. Go to flippinghomes.com to check it out.

Yep that’s the website all right. I have William’s “Ultimate” Sub 2 Guidebook. Fantastic info. Getting Steve’s wholesaling book when it comes out. Steve Cook and William participate regularly on their discussion form. Go to reiplace.com Its an awesome site and one that I participate on everyday.