Where do I begin?

I’m just starting in this buisness, and have come to dead ends with the Carleton Sheets. You need to know the real estate language before you can even begin to understand his program. I thought it would be alot easier to start with tax liens. Any information would be a great help.

                                                Thanks , Rach

Howdy Rach:

Do not give up so easy. Carlton is actually pretty simple to read. It is not Latin. There are a few ee’s and or’s but it all boils down to a buyer and seller a money lender and a borrower. You should be able to learn the language pretty easily. If too hard take a course on real estate basics for a few hundred. I have seen old dudes that did not finish 4th grade buying houses and fixen ana sellen and maken mony. It aint brain sergeriey ur nothin like that ther. Yu aint gota be bright to fugure out whut you just red.

I heard a friend of mine say that at the local REI club out of 200 people, 80% will never do anything. 10% will do deals but not be good at it. Only a small majority of the last 10% will actually be successful at it. I guess what I am trying to say is don’t quit, hang in there and it will eventually sink in! Good luck.