Where did you find your best cash buyers?

This is my next major sticking point.

Other than looking for “We Buy Houses,” signs, where can I find really good, reliable cash buyers?

I’m a Cash Buyer. What area are you wholesaling in?

Orlando, but plan to expand.

I am also a cash buyer and I also wholesale properties also. If your looking to build a list then craigslist is your best bet if your willing to build up slow. If you need access to a large DB of cash buyers they these are the best two sites I know.

www.cashbuyerlistings.com - Cheaper and has all the bells and whistles $30/ month
findcashbuyersnow.com a little more expensive $1000+

Both prove to be really good. Ive only tried out cashbuyerlisting and it seems to work wonders. Have to mail out my campaigns separately though as they are still building the mailing platform.