Where can I sell or trade my RE courses?

Well, over the past couple years I’ve aquired quite a few books and courses, all of which have been very helpful. It is getting to the point now where I have digested all the info contained within and would like to unload them so others can learn too, or simply trade with others who may be in a similar situation.

Can somebody direct me to a place where I can do this(other than ebay)?


You can always try a local REI club or list them on Craigslist for free. If you didn’t mind paying a little bit for an ad, what about using one of your local want-ad papers (sometimes called Little Nickel, Thrifty Nickel, etc).


Well you can certainly try to sell/trade/give the material away. But you can also hang onto them for future reference in case you forget something or get off track. I’ve gone back and reread many good books in my “library”, only to find that there was something I forgot or didn’t see before. If you have kids or know anyone with kids, you could lend the material to them if they show an interest. I know I could’ve used a lot of what I’ve learned over the past 2 yrs. when I was younger (and had all the answers).

e-bay, craigslist, perhaps your local liberary