Where can I get blank free lease agreement

I have a property that I’m going to lease out. Is there a good source for free lease agreement forms? Also, I need blank applications and any information at all on how to check out a prospective tenant



Take a look at e-renter.com. I am not affiliated in any way.

I used their screening service recently and they offer free forms that are good.
URL: http://www.e-renter.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/home.forms


Office Max had real estate forms

If you get a free lease agreement from a store or website, just make sure that it is state compliant and covers you in all areas of landlord/tenant law for your state.

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This is so true. Staples sells rental agreements that have illegal provisions in my state. The best place to get a rental agreement is your local LL association. They will have state specific agreements that are respected by courts.

yeah - office max or staples.

think there’s one in this kit:


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lease to own option

No matter what lease you use, make sure you customize it to meet your needs.