Where can I get a blank deed??

Where can I get a blank Deed to transfer title? Is there a site I can down load one from? Anyone know??

There a site called Docstoc that has all kinds of forms on it you can search and download for free. All you have to do is register w/ your email address. Standard disclaimer of beware that these may not necessarily contain legal terms/phrases that may be required.

That is the reason never to use free legal forms. It will get very expensive if you have a defective title and can’t transfer the property to your end buyer.

Copy the deed for the existing property and change the names. A blank deed doesn’t do much good if you don’t know the legal description of the property.

And update the date, book, and page numbers to reflect the most recent transfer.

Caution. In my state of SC, I can not record a deed unless it has been prepared by an attorney. Check to see if your state also has a similar requirement.

The Property is in TX. I just need to transfer it from a corp. to personal name. The current deed is all typed in, so i guess I could white it out and put the new names in?? I was looking online and there is a warrently deed and a quit claim deed. The one I have now is a warrenty deed…but the property is not owned free and clear so does this complicate things? Which one should I use?

Have an attorney fill it out for you. It is too easy for you to screw it up.

Listen to BLL. Preparing a new deed is not just cut and paste then change the names. You don’t know what you are doing. What if you do something that invalidates your title insurance? Pay an attorney $50 to get it right for you.