where can I find the owner?

I am new to the business. I found a burned house in my neighberhood. It’s a 4 bedroom 3 bath house that would sell around $320K ARV. The structure of the house look okay from outside. It’s been abondon over a year now and there is fencing around it. I want to find out who’s the owner and see if I can get the house under contract somehow. Does anyone knows where I can look up the owner or what the steps I need to take? It’s in Southern California, Riverside county.

Check with your county’s division of public records. They’ll have the owner’s info on file. Some places even have that on a website you can search.

Try here, first…


If that doesn’t work, try just googling the address and see if anyone’s name is tied to it…at least, that’s one way to get you started…

try this site.


Thanks, cdspeights.

The assesor county clerk link shows the current address ( the burned home) under OWNER INFORMATION.

Now what? Do I send a postcard asking if they want to sell the house but that house is not occupied. Would going to the office county clerk give me more info?

Gisele, it can be quite expensive to rehab a burned house. It can cost a lot more than it looks like it should. Make sure you know what it is going to cost before you make an offer.

Hi gisele why do you want to buy a burned house when there’s whole lot of foreclosure and other property available for you in the industry? You can never assess the ARV correctly. There’s always fair chance that you fall for a bad investment. There’s other property available in Santa Cruz Ca more than you can imagine. Pick your favorite one.