Where can I find RE forms (preferably editable & free)

I have a book which contains several of the forms which I will need for lease options. However, all that I have for the rest of the forms is their name. Can anyone help me find these forms or give pointers in creating them?

  1. Exercise of Option
  2. Contract For Sale and Purchase
  3. Sellers Disclosure
  4. Mold Disclosure
  5. Option to Purchase Disclosure
  6. Addendum to Option to Purchase

The others I have as examples in my text book & have recreated them into MS Word documents.

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone use these forms? Where is a good place to find forms?

  1. You can get it from another investor, buy them, have a lawyer draft them for you. Make sure they comply with your state laws.
  2. Same as #1, or you can use the one your state realtors use
  3. What type of disclosure? property condition disclosure? see the disclosure your realtors use
  4. Mold? this is not required. You need Lead base paint one for homes built prior to 1978. See what your realtors use
  5. Not sure what this disclosure is for
  6. Same as #1

If you want to be serious investor, you need to spend some money on your paperwork to make sure you are safe.


First tuesday has their forms free for download until Nov (oh wait!). Get them while they are still up for free.

Even if you find any descent free forms (doubtful), you still need to pay your attorney to review (and edit) them so that they are legal and valid in your state. As important, they need to be edited to fit YOUR style of investing.

Use a free form now, pay BIG later (as in lawsuits).


Thanks Roger. Sounds like good advice. Now can you give some advice on what forms to use?

The specific forms used will vary according to the type of deal you’re doing, and your position in the deal.

As an investor, it is important to watch the bottom line. However, you need to understand where you can cut corners and where you should not!

Your paperwork is your backbone to your deals. This is your foundation. If you are going to spend any money whatsoever, I strongly suggest you spend the money and get a good foundation.

And once you obtain your foundation (paperwork) know what it says. You need to know your paperwork better then anyone else. Otherwise, you’ll never know what your covered for an what your not!

Happy New Year…May 8 be the Great!