Where can I find investors for my real estate development project?

Hello to all,

I am an experienced developer in Bucharest Romania.
So far we have developed 2 apartment buildings and one commercial building in Bucharest.
Now, we are on at the point of starting the development for our latest project in Bucharest. The project consists in the development of 8 apartment buildings and one commercial building on a 10.000 sqm land in the capital of Romania. The total investment value of the project is 13 millions Euros and so far we already invest over 3.75 millions Euros in the project.
At this point we are ready to start the development of the first building that has a total surface of 2650sq, and a sellable surface of 1970sqm divided in to 38 units.
We already have over 75% of the capital required for the first building, and we seek 250K in finance. We are looking for an investor or partner, and we offer 40% ROI in 12 months, with mortgage as colateral.
Cand anywone advice me to find an investor or partner?
thank you,
Ovidiu Cismileanu

In US we have a saying that “Money will find a good project”. If the project is good money will find it.
You could help you effort by giving more pertinent details that would peak interest of potential investor.
For an example: you stated that you already invested 3.75 million Euros in to the project. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Is land paid off, are the plans (drawings) for all structures ready to go (approved by all agencies), is projected cost of the first building 1 million Euros and what are projected net sale proceeds, (Is 0.75 million Euros part of 3.75 millions?)
What is the exit strategy etc? You get the idea. Also I noticed that 25% of the building is not rentable.
How is that space used? And does it make the building more desirable?
Good Luck!
George Krajacic