Where can I find a good management CO. for S. Oak Cliff, TX

I have been trying to find a good management co. for a property in S. Oak Cliff and have found that most won’t manage the lower income neighborhoods. I have looked online and asked around and no luck! I plan to start aquiring more properties in this area and I need to have a management co who can stay on top of things.

Has anyone used any particular company that will manage that area and had good luck?

dang - I believe you missed the point… Investy is not going to buy a property in a low income area. He/she already has a property in a low income area and wants to find a management company.

Investy - one option would be to look for rental properties close to your property. Chances are that some of them are being managed by mgmt companies. You could call them and ask if they can manage yours. Hope this helps. good luck!

That area is definitely in “da hood”, but you can sure get some good deals there. Call Justiss & Justiss - www.bestmanager.com - they do lots of work in the ghetto and I’ve heard nothing but good things about them from other investors. I manage my own properties so I can’t give you a first hand review. I know a couple other property managers who work in “da hood” too, so let me know if they don’t service that particular area for some reason.

Call CityWide Real Estate. Contact name is Arnie Abramson. They have a number of properties that they manage down in Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove and Fair Park. They are very familiar with the area. They own and manage properties there, so you should be ok as far as that goes.

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Hope that this helps.

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even if you get a renter it is hard to get them to pay, and if you evict them they will destroy the place on there way out.
You know what they say about real estate it is location location location, buy it at a low income area and they dont pay then you get what you pay for. I stay away from that area. Save up little more and buy in a better neighborhood.

dang44 and Mamon003 - you could at least try to pretend you were not the same person… :O)

For some reason I am not getting everyones responsed directed to my inbox. Thanks for those who responded. I’ll try the 2 management companies and see. I bought this property a few years back when the market was up and the pickings slim…people where over bidding…even on properties in the “hood.”

Haven’t had trouble renting it but in this area you have to have a presence and stay on top of the tenants or they trash the house or take advantage and try not paying the rent. Now that prices are down im looking buy in better areas and still get good deals…this area is not my target area today but I have it now so have to deal with it.