Where Are You Finding Sub2 Deals

I have driven my target neighborhood as well as trolled Craigslist looking for potential Sub2 opportunities. Does anyone have any other tried and true methods they use to locate these opportunities?


You might try talking to any property owner who currently rent there property (Landlords)? You might try to talk to all current sellers whose home has been on the market more than 165 days? You might check your local probate records for parties inheriting property that they don't need or want?

You might check records for properties with out of state or country owners? You might want to check property owners who have no existing mortgage?

You might want to expand your current target neighborhood and look in target neighborhoods (Plural)?

You might check other free online ads other than Craigs List? You might place some ads saying “I buy property subject 2, can close in 10 days”!

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take a look at this thread, it is very informative:


If you’re in a pitch, a completely dubious, unethical…and profitable
way to find subject to “biting” sellers is the following:

  1. Find sellers of houses on the MLS.
  2. Get their address and look up the owner via the property tax or deed history.
  3. Go to Wal-mart/Target and buy 5 packets of “Thank You” cards.
  4. As legible as possible write, “Your home is beautiful, I’d love to buy it! Call me at XXX-XXXX”
  5. The number they call goes to your live operator.(Make sure you have a good script in place)
  6. Prepare for the phone to blow up!
    You WILL receive calls, a few from realtors with fake threats
    but waaaayyy more from sellers foaming at the mouth to sell you
    their house. Now, if you’re afraid to do this you’re probably scared
    of lightning too! This will get you a deed! Get crackin’!

Out of curiosity, why would you want to be “dubious” and “unethical” and why would you preach it as a way to do business? Aren’t there enough of these folks already in the REI world?

BTW - there was nothing dubios or unethical about this approach…unless you are trying to circumvent a Realtor with a valid listing and that’s between the Realtor and the owner.


Sub to deals area actually very easy to find. Just go on the MLS and look for properties between $75,000-$180,000 (for low monthly payments)

Once you have the list of addresses, send them a yellow letter using gettheperson.com

Once your phone is ringing off the hook, just qualify the lead and go your sub to pitch.

I’ve bought over 22 houses this way :slight_smile:

I’m thinking he didn’t mean that literally…I agree with you, there’s nothing unethical about that approach at all…I think he means it can rattle a few people who are accustomed to traditional means of marketing…just my thoughts.