Where are the buyers?

I recently put a house under contract that I believe is a GREAT cashflow deal…

It’s worth $80 - 85k… and easilly rents for $500 per unit x 2 units = $1,000 cashflow.

It really only needs to be cleaned out as both previous tenants have left a mess and the owner lives out of state and hasn’t been able to handle the cleanup.

It has tile and is in a pretty decent area.

I have put ads on craigslist, called some local investors and put signs around the area with minimal response.

I’m asking $39.5 for it and have room for flexibility but so far… very little interest.

I need to get this sold ASAP so that I can pay bills and start looking for the next property.

What gives?

Are there other suggestions to build a list quicker to get this sold?

Anybody know how to market to international buyers?


 I and other experienced investors here on REI Club have constantly said you have to build your buyers list first, if a licensed real estate agent or broker can not sell a home in your area for an average 60, 90, 120 or more days neither can you!

The property may be a great deal but your not getting it out to as many buyers as a realtor could through the MLS system and it makes it hard to find someone looking for exactly what your selling.

Try to start running some generic ads looking for buyers, use craigslist, backpage, greensheets, thrifty nickel and any other free platforms available in your area. This is why I don’t buy properties I intend to wholesale, I only contract them and either assign my contract or do a double closing using transactional funding, I never actually close any wholesales to my self.

Pretty much all I actually buy is what I intend to fix and flip (Rehab) or commercial properties for long term portfolio interests.

If you don’t have this duplex listed yet maybe you need to do so, at least in this situation you increase your odds of selling it quicker!

I pass by perfectly good and profitable deals every day because I don’t have buyers looking for that type, style, location, unit mix, bed / bath mix, school district or yard size so don’t think just because it’s a deal it will just sell.


Most people ask “where are the sellers?” Not the other way around…

If it’s not selling, then something is off. It’s either not as good a deal as you think, or you’re not marketing it correctly. Try this:

Put out 50 yellow bandit signs that say…

cashflow duplex!
21% annual return!
$.60 on the dollar!
won’t last long!

Put that out exactly like that. Those numbers are accurate.

BTW… where in FL are you?

The price sounds good. The problem must be in your advertising. Follow “the maestro” and get some signs out with his suggestion. Put some classified ads in your local paper. Another option is to go approach local property managers and see if they will refer you to some of their clients.

If you have access to MLS, pull cash buyers in the last 16 months in your area and mail them a letter about the deal. Below is my checklist/system when we get a property under contract:

Checklist for Marketing Wholesale Property
Day 1-2
Upload video walkthru to Youtube and pictures
Upload video, pictures and add numbers/description to website
Email Buyer’s List – also posts to FB, twitter, LinkedIn, etc
Update to Local REIA Marketplace
Call Serious Cash Buyers in that area
Text blast to our VIP buyers

Day 3-6+
Email Buyer’s List again – also posts to FB, twitter, LinkedIn, etc
Continue to follow up with Cash Buyers
Craigslist/backpage/postlet/kijji/oodles (CL/backpage every other day)
Look for Cash buyer in MLS. Mail to them or call their realtors.

REI in PA,

I find your checklist very appropriate for marketing.I Will utilize it too.

Cheap but durable ugly looking signs,

3 bed 2 bath
Needs TLC
(phone number)

Aside from putting your ads on Craigslist, why not look for buyers there, too? What I use is Listsource and look up from 6 months ago, come up with a list then I mail to them.

I’m an experienced wholesaler in South Florida and I must add that many wholesalers find it easiest to partner with another wholesaler with a large buyers list and split the profits.

This is helpful because beginning wholesalers may find it difficult to find a buyer even when they have a very good deal. Some wholesale experts will argue that you should built a buyers list before you attempt to put a property under contract, I actually disagree with that.

For example: someone learning to wholesale can find a good deal ad put it under contract within a matter of days. However, builting a good cash buyers list of real people that can and will perform will take considerable more time, maybe years.

Of coarse; you should start by attempting to sell your property without help by following the steps meantioned her by “REI in PA”. but when all else fails seek help from an expericened wholesaler in your market that is doing consistent business and start making money right way.

I’m not sure what the MLS allows for in your area but here in NC I put my wholesale deals on the MLS as soon as I get them under contract. You may be able to do this in your area through whats called a limited listing service. It does cost upfront maybe $50-$150 but most buyers (65%) these days are looking on the internet (craigslist, backpage, etc) and the MLS. This allows for buyers who are not only in the area of your yellow signs to see the property.

Good Luck!

FL wholesaler,

What came out of this deal. Did you end up finding a buyer? :rolleyes

Build your buyers list first. Then shop for deals. I use this analogy a lot: You don’t want to jump in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding by Great White’s without an exit strategy. Use Bandit Signs!!!

4/2 Block 25K
Needs Work

Or you can always network with other wholesalers. To your success from “Mrflippahouse”

If you want to find out of the country buyers you will need to post your ads on websites out of the country because most searches are blocked in other countries.