Where are auctions held?

Hi all!,

Brand new here…anyone from MA? I am looking to go to a few foreclosure auctions in my area to get an idea of what happens, pace, how they go…and am wondering where/when they are typically held. I have called the district court…but they didn’t have any affiliation with foreclosure auctions, and didn’t provide any direction for me to head…any thoughts? Thanks!

Howdy DandyJim:

Most sales are at the county courthouse where the property is located. I am not from Ma but would love to visit. If it is a deed of trust state the sales will be held the first Tue of each month. In other states your guess is as good as mine. The court usually hires the sheriff or constable to handle the sale. The DA’s office is for criminal matters. Keep checking around and you will learn the process. Try the county courthouse where the deed records are recorded. LOL


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Thanks for your pointers…I was able to locate the county Probate/Family court. Is this the same thing? I can’t find any general info for a county court…

…I have been able to find a Housing court, and a Land court…is this where I want to go? Thanks!

Howdy DandyJim:

Never heard of a Land Court or Housing Court. All you need is the County Records Office where they record deeds. In some towns it is all in one courthouse in the center of town or the Square. In large counties they may have their own building. Here in Travis County they just bought their own building and it is way up North and I live South. Try Google and or your local phone book.

I just found out recently that here in my town (Columbus, Ohio) the Sheriff’s office handles it and has an auction every Friday at the courthouse.

Good Luck!

Thank you all for your help. I have found some resources in MA. It works a little bit differently…most auctions are held on the property being auctioned. It is announced through the paper, otherwise, I need to find the lawfirms involved, and contact them directly. However, this is not ideal because I can only bid on one property at a time…with lots of competition. But I appreciate your help!