Where are all the hard money lenders?

I have been looking for hard money for two properties I have under contract in Dallas. All the hard money lenders seem to have dissapeared! The few that I know of, that are still around, require full doc, tax returns etc. and still want to charge an arm and a leg!

My problem is that I need to go stated, no tax returns. My fico is over 700 and I already been approved for a refi once the properties are rehabbed.

The loan amounts are on the small side as well…around $40k and $50k roughly for purchase and rehab. The ARV is $75k and $85k.

I have searched the web and nothing so far, except for the ones that want full doc.

Any input appreciated.

Unfortunately, the credit crunch and the depreciating markets have forced most Hard Money/Private Lenders to tighten their requirements for funds.

Stated and No Doc type loans are slowly becoming extinct.

Do you have deposts that show up in your bank account, which you could prove income that way? Or do you have other income producing property?Christopher