Where and how do investors find bird dogs in California?

I am a new Real Estate Bird Dog and would like to position myself where investors look for help in finding properties in California. Where do investors go to find Bird Dogs?

Hey JB

Investors look everywhere! As a matter of fact, I’ve had 2 of them contact me just from seeing my name on this board! ;D

Some of them you can find, others will find you :wink:

Find and join a real estate investment club. There will be rehabbers/retailers there. Also, call some I buy houses ads in your local paper, and talk to the investors. Find out who the real players are. Hook up with an experienced investor who actually does something. The investment club is the best place to find one. Most retailers lack time to find deals, your services as a bird dog will mutually benefit both of you. Best of luck.

Regards, Tony.

I’m on my way! Thanks for your help!