When your town doesn't understand wholesaling

I’m interested in starting a wholesale company and have called every real estate attorney that I could find and none of them understand wholesaling. I’m in the process of trying to find local real estate investor’s to try and get a referral to their lawyers. Really need a attorney to look over my contracts and to be able to make sure I am within the legal guidelines.

Any suggestions on how I can find a attorney that understands wholesaling in a small retirement town?

Go to a local REI club in you’re area and get a referral. 2nd, you should be able to get a contract from another investor. A wholesale deal will include a typical sales agreement, with some escape clauses (CYA clauses), if you deem it necessary. You need an assigment agreement and thats it.

Thanks. Visited flipthiswholesaler.com and printed off the necessary contracts. Then I called a REI club and got a referral to KKO Lawyers to help with the legal aspect of wholesaling.(just wanted to be sure I am operating within my local state law). From there I am hoping to find a good Title company that understands wholesaling and then begin building my buyers list if everything goes smoothly to begin.