When you talk to potential seller first time...

Hi All.

I am start getting calls from the owners of the properties.(I have mailed to preforeclosure owners)

I’ve not done any deals yet…so any advise and information are appreciated.

When you talk to the owners first time, how do you talk to them? Since I have answering service, I have some information about the properties such as asking $, address of properties etc.

However, when I talked to them to get more information, I usually don’t have answer to them. Should I tell them something “I will get back to you” or should I tell them what I can do such as l/o or sub2 etc? If the owners are motivated enough, there are more than one option, but I need time to structure the offer.

Is it good idea to tell them “I may have more than one option for you, but I need time to structure the offeres. So I will get back to you.”?

Thank you

Just be honest with them. Tell them what you do, ask them for some more information, and tell them that you will work the numbers through your system and call them with the results. Be sure to tell them that you don’t have a solution for everyone, and that you will call them ASAP either way. Honesty is the best way to build a good relationship with anybody (I’m not implying that you have not been honest, just felt it’s worth mentioning) … … 2¢

Hey Amanda I have a question for you. What methods are you using to get the sellers calling (bandit signs, news paper ads, post cards etc.).

If you could share with me some of your marketing tips that have been getting you some initial results it would be greatly appreciated.

I am in Maryland, and the market is tight for investors since homes are selling at an amazing rate. There are actually more buyers than sellers in our market, which makes it challenging to find the motivated seller.

Hi Zen.

I have been useing two methods.

Ad and direct mail. My time (I have regular job) and finance is limited…

Our county has website which anyone can access public records which is including preforeclosure owners. Although they don’t provide address (you have to go to the court house), I can get date of filing, full name and city. So next spep is to contact assessors’ office to get the full address.

Then, I will mail postcards to those owners.
As you can imagine, most owners are NOT motivated. But I received several calls from them.