When you are doing probate investing...........

When is a good time to contact the executors of the estate after a person dies? I want to get some probate leads and start contacting executors of the estate, so I can make offers on properties in the probate. I just want to know how soon I should wait before making contact.

Contact the executors immediately when probate is filed. In other words… yesterday.

Isn’t the probate usually filed like months after a person passes away?

Depends on when the family files for probate to start. It can be done as soon as the paperwork can get started. However, you are right that the family usually takes a bit of time to start probate.

The same question goes the other way as well: How does the estate/trust/new property owner know where to go & who to contact to sell?

Example: My family just inherited ~76 acres of farmland/ag. The city is anxious to re-zone the property. The majority of the properties surrounding has already been developed & consists of big box retailers, industrial park, new gas station & hotel, etc.

The family does NOT want to list with a real estate company, instead wants to seek out a private investor(s). Where to find one? Aside from listing on loopnet & spending hours sending out random, unsolicited emails, where do we go?