when Wholesaling REOs to Owner Occupants ,how do we control the close seller bnk

when Wholesaling REOs to Owner Occupants ,what are we telling the bank selling the reo =seller about the closing and ,how do we make sure the bank is on board as the close and title takes place at the same banks with simos and doubles can you control this process with the reos to oos , they say u have to use there banks and title cos… so how do control this ? as we do a simo ,double or flash funding but we have to use the banks title/bank and not our small local?please explain

I put up a link yday to a post I wrote on my blog that explains the closing process in detail. Did you read it?

I think we got it now!! thanks for all your support Steph! i owe u BIG!..let me know where i can u a check!