When/What to pay Bird Dogs

Appreciate any advice on the best way to pay Bird Dogs so they remain motivated and bring good leads. For example, is it better to pay them only when an offer is made and accepted (then pay them at the closing), or pay them something all along for their time, gas etc.?


I’ve heard of some guys paying $500 per house at the time of closing. As a wholesaler neither the birdogger nor I would get paid until closing. Some people pay birdoggers (college students) a flat fee of $.50 per vacant house. You can get quite creative with birdoggers depending upon who he/she is and their schedule. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the advice - it confirms what I’ve heard. The trick is to figure out the “creative” part in working with bird dogs!

I typically offer them $500 or more if the deals right, but I will only pay them after closing the deal. Just last week I bumped into a professional bird dog, all she does is locate houses full time. She hooked up with a couple of large investors from town and she runs her own ads and posts her own signs for both buyers and sellers, it sounded like she did pretty well at it

Eric Medemar

I offer $1000 referral fee on the day I buy the property; if someone is consistently bringing me leads, I’ll work out a per lead fee for them.