When to use your local #'s, when to use your toll free, and when to use both...

I’d like to hear what other people are doing on this. I’d imagine many of you have both local and toll free phone numbers, but it seems that one number or the other, or both, may be more suitable for certain mediums than others.

I’m thinking that for classifieds, I’d want to use my local phone number. On fliers, use local and toll free. On bandits, I’m undetermined… so far. On business cards, both.

I’d like to hear what others are doing, and the reasoning behind it.

I see the main advantages of the toll free as it seems more reputable, but the local number has the home-town charm effect, so I’d be more apt to include the toll free on a medium like fliers, to enhance their credibility.

I use toll free on the internet and local on signs. Some out-of-state investors read local publications, Craigslist, and MLS, so that’s when I have both.

Great, thank you!

anyone else?

I use local number all the time. I still get calls from out of town, but I feel that local number is more acceptable in my city. Now, if you are in a large city where you have multiple area codes, 800 number could be acceptable. Open the paper and see what others are using.

Yeah we’ve definitely been studying the papers, but I’m always of the mindset that sometimes people, even successful ones, aren’t doing the best they could be.

I know what things are more commonly done here, but I also acknowledge that many people just ‘do what the others do’, and may not be doing what is truly best. Once I’m running for a bunch of months, I’ll have been able to test / correlate responses for either (I love that I’m actually into that kind of analyses), but off teh bat I’m trying to start the best way I can think of.

I guess maybe I phrased this wrong. I’m not so much looking for ‘what do you use’, as ‘what do you use, and why do you use it?’, so I can better approach it.