When to use Sub 2

Are distressed “motivated” sellers the only group that will except Sub 2 terms? What about someone that just wants to sell their home but is not distressed or motivated?


The sellers on 90% of my Subject To deals were with people who were not behind in payments, but wanted to sell for a variety of reasons.

As in anytime anyone is selling something there is a reason they are selling, I always considered part of my job when talking with a seller was to get them “Motivated” to sell to me. Of course I am fortunate because I saw a pattern many years ago of who these people are.

John $Cash$ Locke

If I may ask, what is that pattern?

John is right people sell for a host of reasons, I’ve only done a couple of sub to’s (people i have known) and in general they were in trouble.

People may be motivated but not distressed. A non-distressed seller in my opinion will not readily sign over the deed. Why should they? They have a myriad of things they can do with the property without coughing up the deed. i.e. rent it, lease/option it, lease/purchase it; etc.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I just think it’s more apt to happen if they are distressed and just want out for whatever reason