When to sell?

Hello everyone!javascript:replaceText(’ ;D’)
Grin I’m new to this site, pretty happy I found it… I have a funny question. I have a 3 family 3brs lead certs I’ve owned about 5 years and have the opportunity to have fast easy sell at a good price to one of my tenants. Problem is I owe very very little on the house and it provides a $1500.00 a months positve cash flow after all expenses… I’m in Mass and prices are nuts… I’m going to have a very hard time tring to find a good 1031 exchange and I’m not will to pay tax on the gain of 250k I can’t see giving the IRS 40k in taxjavascript:replaceText(’ :o’)
Shocked… I use the positive cash flow to off set some other real estate that was bought for appreciation but that is going to the market in April… “I hate neg cash flow”… So this Spring/Summer I already have to hunt for one 1031 exchange…
I have a Builders Lic but even a buildable lot with no septic design is $150K-$200K… Prices are so unreasonable… I guess I have to be grateful my holdings are seasoned… I hope to sit back and eat donuts someday!javascript:replaceText(’ :D’)

Unless you have a compelling reason to sell, don’t.