When to list on MLS

I’m new at this. Here’s my question.When working a short sale that previously has not been listed in the MLS, at what point during the transaction do you list it in the MLS? EX: How ar along when negotiating with the bank?


After you have the approval letter and everything has been cleared excepting your short sale, then you can market the property.


if you have an option contract on the property then you can market, list, sell at any time from that point forward.

if the bank did not request a listing agreement or some document showing that it is listed for sale on the MLS then I would wait until they’ve issued the BPO. if everything was done properly and the BPO is inline with your offer, i wouldn’t wait any longer. (i’m assuming your goal is to flip the property on the same day correct?).

if that is your intention, then waiting until you have the approval won’t give you enough time in my opinion.