when the marketing works, then what?

Hi. I’m over on other reiclub.com forums most of the time but now checking out the marketing section to get many great ideas.
My problem is this. I"m ready to run a newspaper ad but I have yet to get my hands on a real estate contract here in Maryland. I’m not working with an agent and don’t want to necessarily at this point. I’d like to have a contract so I can move quickly with truly motivated sellers.
WHere can I get a standard real estate contract? Any help would be appreciated?

Google a Real Estate Purchase Agreement and you should find a lot of free ones that you can download and make your own.
Good Luck

(duh- why didn’t I think of that??)

and of course, run it by your attorney to make sure it doesnt violate any laws in your state!!!

I would think you’d want to have lots of contracts and forms for every situation you come across. Don’t find yourself in a situation of having made a deal and no paperwork for the person to sign. You’re the professional…have to look like one.

I would highly suggest that you get one from a lawyer. Go to your local real estate investing meeting and I’m sure you will find a lawyer that is a member. They will probably get you a contract for rather cheap (or he/she may give you a copy of the contract that the realtors use).

Either way, you will want one that is geared towards your business, that will protect you and that will stand up in court.

It is best to pay a little now, than a lot later when you’re in court trying to defend yourself at an hourly rate of $150/hr!

Patti Porter

Most attorneys will send you a copy at no cost, because they think you’ll be closing with them. Like the other posts, try to find one in one of the RE investors groups.