When scouting investment houses. What, in a house do you specifically look for?

For those with successful investing experience, I am wondering what specifically do you look for in a house when purchasing. Obviously locating, price, condition, all matters. But what if there are a dozen very similar houses available? Does it simply come down to who will take the lowest offer? Or do you investigate further to find the true gem? And if so, what do you look for?

And when purchasing an investment property, do you have a general rule, as far as what price you will offer in relation to the asking price, or any other special conditions?


wow, this question would require a very long answer.
this might be why so many have read it w/o a reply.
theres a book called “realestate investing, from a-z”.
its a great book. this book covers a lot of topics. may i suggest it to you ? it will give you a good general understanding. as i said, the question youve posted would be hard for anybody to answer. good luck in your search. this site will help you a great deal. read everything you can get your hand on. rei requires a ton of reading and rereading.
i hope this has helped you tom. oh, keep posting question too. we all learn alot from each other on here.


Hey Tom…

If you have found 12 houses that are great deals that are similar in size, age, and shape, plus in a good area THAT IS A GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE! Buy them all.