When in Doubt, Do Nothing

I just cancelled a condo purchase!!!

Everything is out of sync with the economy and the government, and when I saw the “lack of bumper to bumper traffic” on the 15 freeway from Las Vegas back to Los Angees at 5PM on Labor Day, I said “This high gas price is finally effecting the consumner”.

How will this play out in Real Estate investing I DON’T KNOW. But “when in doubt” Do Nothing!

I have heard a lot of people doing just that! I on the other hand am a little to far into this right now to do nothing. The main problem I see is the lack of refineries in America I watched a show last night that said America can not produce enough gasoline to keep us going. The other major Problem is all the foreign cars and other products that Americans consume! I personally try not to buy anything made out side of the U.S.A. after World War 2 when the Japanese told us they would never beat us physically but they would beat us financially they sure were correct they are definitely close. So if anyone wants to help boost our economy it’s now time to buy American or BYE BYE America.


REO, I agree with you, but, define foreign cars.

The BIg three automakers are using foreign parts to make “American Cars”. Some vehicles are even assembled in Mexico

“Foreign Cars” are using American parts to build theirs. And plants like Honda employ thousands of Americans.

Honda and Toyota employ more American people then all other auto makers combined very true on the other side of the fence all the profits after paying our American People go strait back to Japan. As for Chevrolet they are now back to being made 72% American made. and 100% of the profits stay in America. So yes they employ our people but where are the profits going?

I guess the real question is when they say made in America is that North or South America?