When does everyone find to be the worst marketing time

When does everyone find to be the worst 3-4 week marketing stretch of the year?

Mid-December to Mid-January

Do you find it to be significantly off or just a slump?

I find it to be totally dead. Snow and major holidays make a terrible cocktail for real estate. Deals do take place during this time but they are seldom.

I agree 1 week before thanksgiving to about the second week of january home buying slows down cosiderably. People focus more on their family over the holidays than they do at any other time of the year.

Keep in mind slow is all relative though, if you buy cheap enough to sell cheap enough you can overcome just about any market condition.

Eric Medemar

In Austin, we’re blowing up with new buyers right now. We have 80 new listings getting ready to come on the market because an investor group in California is liquidating for an exchange. They’re mostly SFR, duplexes, and fourplexes.

I think my closing coordinator knows an agent with 60 listings in San Antonio that aren’t on the market yet.