When do I need a realtor?

I’m beginning to question whether this agent has my interests at heart.

When does one approach the seller vs. his, or another realtor? and vice versa.

I need to do more research. Another deal about to pass me by because I’m not prepared. :frowning:

What agent are you working with? If it is the seller’s agent, I can guarantee that he has the seller’s interest in mind…they have a contract that dictates that!


Oh Keith, it’s just me getting ahead of myself again. What I was alluding to was that we’re “groomed” to negotiate with the seller - find his pain, his wants. I was thinking if he is working with an agent, I don’t know how I’d get his # to speak with him.

I promise to wean off the cookies, and sit patiently until I learn more.

like it or not, the reason many people hire a professional, Realtor, is to insulate themselves. that is a smart way to sell, if you are unfamiliar or not confident. the agent is there to protect the seller and work in their best interest. so if they have a listing agreement, it is unethical, and possibly illegal for you to bypass the agent.

That is one of the reasons why I’m trying to avoid realtors at this point. I sat down with a few in the past month and one realtor tried to convince me that renting was the way to go… even if there was negative cash flow, I should be happy because I would have depreciation on my taxes. The next realtor refused to work with me because I did not have a preapproval letter and without that letter I am not showing that I am serious. He would not put my bid in to the seller. Of course I bypassed him and put in my bid anyway through his company. The last realtor that I contacted did not want to pull comps on a home that had been foreclosed on (the bank has now put it on the MLS with him). He said “as is, where as” and that the bank assigned the property to him.

So, I lean towards FSBO’s and better yet, FSBO’s with owner financing.