When can you start Rehabing?

I have a house under contract, but it is caught up in an estate. So far, I have been waiting over a month, now the estate has to go to court to name the appointee (which will be at the end of August). Is there a way to start working on the house before September without getting stuck with the repair bills if the seller bails on the deal?

I have two concerns to wait until September. 1) the shubs are all overgrown. It is a jungle that can lead to carpenter ant infestation and more moisture damage. 2) The roof already leaks, but with the recent storms we’ve been having, I fear the damage is going to get worse. Is there anything to do?

Thanks for your help,

I wouldn’t touch it until you have the deed, Guaranteed, any work you do will be the basis of some lawsuit from someone and/or you will lose all the money and effort you’ve spent when the sale falls through.

The only possibility is something cheap and easy, like a tarp to reduce any additional water leakage.


Work doesn’t start until the title is in your name. It’s not yours until it is yours. Deals fall out of escrow all the time.

If there is no court appointee, you don’t even have a deal, because you have no one to deal with.

The only exception is that I might tarp the roof, with written permission from someone on the other side.

I’ve been known to go over and water the plants, rather than let them die during escrow-- again with written permission, and with a full understanding that my time and money might be lost without recourse.