When can I start advertising?


First time lanlord-to-be here. We’re closing on our property on Wednesday, May 10, gaining possession that Friday.

Legally, when can we start advertising for our rental property?

I certainly like to advertise as soon as possible. Can we advertise before we close and say “not available until…”?


I don’t know about legal, but I put a sign in the yard and run an ad as soon as the offer is accepted.

As far as a closing, I got a tip from one of my buddies. He finds out when his contrator can get started on the house. He sets the closing for that day. If he wants to close on May 1st, but the contractor can’t get started until May 5th, he sets the closing date at May 5th. He closes at 9:ooam and the contrator shows up at 1:00pm.

Usually, as soon as it closes. Or if you have current owner permission, as soon as you can get a sign up.

I am closing on a house next week and I have been advertising for 3 weeks. My house is in a rural area. It should only take a week to paint, put in new flooring and new appliances. The person who wants it needs a month to close on a house she is selling so it should work out fine.