When buying a rehab

Say you found is is the norm to alk through 2-3 times with contractors before making an offer?

What is the process of inspection and rehab estimates?

could you please re-word your question a little bit.

Sorry. I just read it and seen how bad it was.

What I am saying is: If you are preparing to make a bid on a house, is it normal to have 2-3 different contractors take a look at it and give you a estimate before you place a bid?

If you don’t know or trust the contractors I would say that would be fine. Its best to have a contactor you know and trust. That way you can move quicker and get the deal before someone else does. I have a contractor that has proven time and time again how accurate he is. Also Make sure the the contractor is accurate about pricing as well as time to complete. If he is on budget if the project takes and extra 3 months, you still went over budget, and possibly into a harder market to sell in.

a lot of rehabs are not properly priced so you have to really haggle with the Seller. Thus would suggest that if you have no clue about repair cost get one quickie estimate prior to bidding and then after getting a contract in place, get a refined number during the continegency period. If you refined estimates come in higher, then re-negotiate the deal or walk. The point being is too many deals fall apart in the early stages of negotiation. Contractors are not going to be very interesting dealing with you if are “thinking” about making an offer.