When a seller is living in the property.....

How do you guys handle it if someone is living in your wholesale deal? If for some reason the deal fell through I would hate it if the seller moved out because I gave them a contract and then had to back out. How would I handle this to make sure this doesnt happen?

In your contract state that the Seller needs to vacate the premises within 15 or 30 days after closing but cannot vacate before the closing. You can tell the seller that you want to make sure that the property stays in good condition, no vacancy break-ins or shut-off utilities etc. This should give you enough time to close the deal. Another option is to try to extend the time of your contract out to 90 days.

Your first contact with the owner should include this important detail, if the property is currently vacant or not. If not, any motivated seller should be in a hurry to sell for cash. They should be ready to move out once a deal is on. I guess, this should be an expectation to be set. And yes, I agree to including it in the contract.

Give the a Time Period and make sure they understand what it is. Make sure that they are out by a certain time and that they don’t leave all types of bull crap in and out the house for your buyer to clean up and throw away, its only going to end up costing your buyer. :cool