What's Your Strategy????

Just curious, what everyone does when the market changes? I have been buying and flipping and now since the market is slowing down and it is more of a buyers market here I am leaning towards buying and renting. Does that work better to go more towards renting than selling when things change like this? Graciez

Just from a tax perspective alone it’s better to buy and hold. There are a variety of ways to hold a property – rent, lease, triple net lease, lease option (I do not recommend if you are the Seller), lease purchase, etc. Study the various ways and determine which is best for you. Then just do it. Good luck.

Da Wiz

Thanks, any other ideas? Graciez

actually in a hot market you buy and hold. once the market slows down you buy and flip. since the market may be declining for a while you don’t want to be holding anything for a long period.

In a buyers market you need to be competitive.

Your properties are competing for buyers or renters. It needs to be in the best condition you can reasonably make it. You want your property to be the one the buyer picks, from all the rest they have seen.

And you have to be realistic in pricing.


It’s a hot market in Central Texas, so it’s buy and hold time. Other areas have some good flip opportunities, but I’m in for the long haul right now. We’ve started raising rents and I secured a new tenant for one of my duplexes in a week.