What's your office space like?

When you turn on the light in the morning…what’s your desktop area like?

That’s what this post is all about, (not some reference to a storefront office).

I’m wondering what your working environment, (in and around your computer), is like.

I’ve got many thoughts on the subject. But heck, at least I took the time to start the subject…so I’ll hold off on my comments for now.

Let’s hear what strategies you use for maxing out the 24 hours we’re given each day.

Thank you,

I have a small office space off of the kitchen…phone, laptop/printer, lamp, built in bookcases, built in file drawers, etc…it is part of the living area so there is a requirement to keep it relatively neat and the clutter kept to a minimum…

We really don’t need a temendous office space…


not yet an investor, but my office is setup. spare bedroom in my house, hardwood floors bookshelf, computer, desk, laser printer, scanner, filing cabinet. rather messy, first thing i’m gonna do is hire a secratary when i can. also slinky, lava lamp, stacks of CD’s, and whatever meal i’m replacing with snacks. ;D

My office is a little different than most. It’s VERY small and bright red with a grey seat (pretty close to OSU colors). On the right, I keep my day planner which contains all the information that I need to run my business - tenant names, phone numbers, REIA member names and numbers, etc. I have a phone book near my planner. To my left is the phone, which I answer 40 to 50 times a day. Just behind and to the left is my key container which contains color coded keys to the rentals. Of course, I have the various pens, pencils, papers, etc. Since I’m not too formal, I sometimes even store building materials there. Obviously, I’m talking about my pickup truck! Seriously, that’s where I do most of my business.

I do also have a formal office, but it’s just an office - it can’t travel!!! FWIW, my office has all the usual stuff, computer (3 monitors), copier, fax machine, scanner, TV, surround type desk (three sides - hey I gotta get out), book cases (all full), file cabinets (also full), laminating machine, powerpoint projector, binding machine, overhead projector, recliner, T-shirt machine, etc. (I need a bigger office)


The most critical asset in my office is my paper cube.

When full it contains approximately 500 sheets of 20# canary paper, cut to a size of 3.5" by 3.5" each.

It has a thumbhole cut at it’s front end…for quick grabbing of the next sheet.

Another important tool is my scotch tape…which I’ll often use in conjunction with the slips of paper from the paper cube.

Sometimes…if it’s an important thought that I must move on…I tape the slip directly atop my wooden desk…which, (the desk), is something that someone was throwing out. It’s an awesome, solid wood desk.

My monitor is 19"…I would like to have multiple monitors at some point…like prop manager explains…but for now it’s not needed.

My friend who daytrades has (4) monitors that are interlinked. He can drag with his mouse…one of his “Bill Gates” windows from one monitor to another.

I have track shelving throughout my place. I have approximately 30 or so 3-ring binders which house different categorized subjects.

My librarian is my closest ally.

I don’t own an ounce of real estate…(yet). I’ve been doing other stuff up till now.

I use Google® constantly:


Thanks for posting here…any other thoughts?

P.S. These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.
-Nancy Sinatra,1995

(I just like the song… ;))

Howdy All:

I love the old west and antiques and my office is filled over filled with old two man saws, block and tackles, wood files, lassos, western pictures, old wood saw mill saw blades, a German coo coo clock, old mule harness, old phonograph, and a lot of old farm tools, just to name a few of the things. Our house is Victorian and we have solid oak wood floors in most of the lower area including my office. The ceiling is old rusted corrugated sheet metal off the roof of an old barn. The walls I cover with 1 by 8 stained planks. I wanted old grey barn wood but made do with the stained pine boards. The windows and doors are trimmed out with fluted casing and plinth blocks and rosettes.

My desk is very unusual. It is a quarter sawn solid oak partners desk with drawers on both sides for two cowboys to work at. At least 100 years old. The computer table is an old tressel table with 8 inch round legs. I also have an old wooden file cabinet. The computer is a new G% Mac with a flat screen. I also have a Tinkertronics wooden shelf unit full of collectables from yard sales. I also have an old sideboard with a mirror and huge Griffin carvings on either side. It is covered with collectable antiques as well. All this stuff was bought at yard sales for pennies on the dollar that an antique store would charge. I get the feeling of being back in the 1800’s when I enter the room. It is way too small for the amount of stuff I have in it but I love doing business and thinking I am living in the good old cowboy days. Yahoo yall. Gitty up.

Ted your office sounds great!! And so does your home :slight_smile:

My office is off the kitchen on one side, and foyer on the other. It’s in front of the house. I can watch all the happenings in the neighborhood. I’m nosey, so this is a bonus. It’s a beautiful room – I must be in serene surroundings because I need something to calm me down when things aren’t going as smoothly as I would like with my properties.

I don’t like clutter, my credenza holds my research binders and my property files are in my desk for easy access. On top of my desk: my computer screen, my day planner, tape dispenser, stapler and my in box LOL. My walls have 16 x 20 professional photos of my children and my husband. But my most favorite thing in my office is, a glass sculpture that was made by heating clear and burgundy the glass and swinging it over head until this amazing shape was created. We like very strange art – this is tame compared to what is in our home. People must think we are sick, which is fine by me LOL. The last and constant fixture in my office is Odin, my Doberman. He’s always laying on his big burgundy chair across from me.

My strategy for getting the max done in 24 hours is to just do it ;D Which reminds me, I need go get off this forum LOL.

Unusual question, but a fun one to answer :slight_smile:

My files and research are in my office. So are my bills. Now if I could just pinpoint exactly where they are. :slight_smile: I am a disorganized person. Somehow I manage to make it work. Computers are my friend! If it can be done electronically, it will be. The actual level of the mess is an ebb and flow depending on my workload and frustration level with it.

Great questions. A nice simple poll would have gone well with it.

As I stated earlier, I use categorized 3 ring binders upon track shelving when it’s something I want to begin a thought process upon…in addition to whatever electronic storage I may have in my comp.

Within a particular binder I sub-divide with paper tabs…and alpha sort with a set of A-Z tabs if the binder is really getting out of control.

Another tool I forgot to mention is my email notifier. As instantaneous as an email is received I have this little dog that appears in the bottom right of my monitor. It’s just one of the emoticon email notifiers that Incredi-Mail allows you to choose from. Point is, it gives me rapid notification on stuff.

I’m sure plenty of you out there have a similar setup.


I post one word above my computer monitor:



my office is a mess, but i have a ton of posters of naked women all over the walls.

keeps me motivated!

okay, just kidding. maybe if i wasn’t married!

i have been surprised at how handy my most recent purchase was. i went out and bought a $75 scanner. it’s great, i scan all of my signed docs, such as offers and leases, and save them onto my CPU and I am going to back everything up onto CD’s as well. It also makes sending docs better than faxing, because you don’t have to deal with the problem of lost resolution like you do with fax machines.

enough about scanners, let’s talk about something more important. like posters of naked women.

Small room off the living room. Windows to the west and a door out to the back on the south. On the south wall is a floor to ceiling built in book case that is - full of books. This goes over the door to a built in closet that is full of real estate files, more books and other assorted files and books. The east wall is my desk with computer, telephone, a one unit scanner, printer, faxer. All computer files, relevant rei info and files, bills, etc. Overhead photos from Europe taken by my son, personal photos, including grandchild. To the right another bookcase full of books mostly reference (I am somewhat a writer). Behind me, on the north wall is my wife’s, the principal, desk which is much neater than mine. There is a laptop and a photoprinter for making pictures of the grandchild. On the west wall under the windows is a file cabinet and a recliner, which is used very little. Interesting post. Question is: is your office an place of action? Mine needs to see more action, less busy being busy with the business rather than doing business.