What's your focus, and why?

Hi Folks,

What area of REI do you focus on most? Wholesaling, Notes, Rehabbing, Landloring? Why? What about this niche appeals to you?

I’m in the research phase - 2 classes to go till graduation! - then I’m taking the REI plunge. In the mean time, I’m reading… articles and posts here, rei books etc., going to club meetings, and learning.

Thanks for sharing.


I enjoy the landlording and slef maintenance. I recently tried a few rehabs/flips that worked well so I intent to keep those in the mix as well.

Good luck

Short Sale - Clean it up , Sell it > use an LLC
Rehab - Fix it up , Sell it > use an LLC
Sub-to , then L/O > Sub To with a land trust and use someone you know and trust as trustee and an LLC as the beneficiary. Your LLC is to keep and use the depreciation from the property.

Use a C-corp to suck all the money out of the LLC’s via management fee’s.

Use all the write offs that are offered.
With the write offs and the depreciation you should not have to bad of a tax bite.


You like land lording? That’s refreshing to hear. What do you like about it?