What's your favourite way to buy a single family house?

Could you please help a healthcare worker enter real estate with your advice? What’s your favourite finance method to acquire and profit on a single family house?

By buying low…


I prefer a standard bank issued motgage. Then I don’t have to mess around with whack-a-doodle owner-financed sellers. Believe me, some sellers are nutzo and I want to get as far away from them as possible-- not be tied to them for years in a financial transaction.

If you buy a place with owner financing, get the mortgage set up so that an escrow company collects the funds from you and then dispurses them to the seller. That way you have a disinterested 3rd party keeping track of what was paid and when and also, you don’t have to have direct contact with the seller.

Owner Finance
Subject to

All of course below market value

Don’t forget tax lien/deed. Perhaps, cheapest way to purchase a property.

I only by home Subject 2 the existing mortgage, I do not care if theri is zero equity in the home. As long as I have the deed.

Mystic Reality,

I have been reading your posts here and other places and have learned a lot from you. I am a beginning sub2 investor.

You mention you will purchase homes with zero equity. May I ask, waht is your exit strategy? rental? sell on a wrap or cfd?

Thanks for your time