whats your best marketing technique

let me know. What do you guys use to get the deals?

To find sellers:
Telephone prospecting.

  1. It’s the most effective and consistent source of motivated sellers.
  2. It’s free.
  3. You can generate as many or as few leads per day as you want.

To find buyers:
Signs directing to a website.

  1. Highest volume of leads.
  2. Best automated processing system.


Depends on what kind of deals you are targeting.

What is your target market.

people who need to sell and will sell for a discount.

My best method has been the direct mail approach to my targeted lists.

I have tested so many different marketing/advertising methods. Direct marketing was the best bang for the buck. Sent out 3,000 post cards, got 2 contracts so far (one backed out though).

If you do not know who your target, then the marketing won’t work. Saying people who want to sell at a discount does not cut it because it does not narrow down your target market.

You need to decide how much equity you want to get in the house, will it be a rehab, sub2, lease option…etc

From there you start narrowing down your list. Older neighborhoods will have more houses in bad shape that fit the rehab criteria. People with medical bills or divorced may produce good lease option or sub2 deals…etc.

You first need to define what you want, then find out what what criteria maximize your exposure to those people, then you need to find the best delivery method to get your message to them.


Can you recommend a good source for mailing lists. I don’t want to waste my money on garbage. Thanks

Try mailing to preforeclosures.



Vacant home owners

Out of state owners.

Those are all good lists. Melissa data has good lists for out of state owners I believe.

Good source as in list broker?