What's the worst thing you've said to a distressed property owner on 1st visit


Along with that, what was your best aproach?

I assume you are asking about the last thing the homeowner wanted to hear, not the meanest thing that could be said.

For the distressed seller that wants you to solve their financial problem but also wants to keep the house does not want to hear “You will have to move”, or, “You will have to give up the house”.

Offering moving money on the day they vacate the property softens the blow.

Everybody makes mistakes (LOL), but the best way to avoid saying something to offend the distressed homeowner is to get educated. Nobody wants to be reminded that they are potentially screwed. I relax, settle in, and then just be honest.

Good luck!!

Jared :beer:

Dave T and Jared,

I appreciate your response to my question. I just started knocking doors and I’m looking for the best approach to get in. I’m all about being up front and honest with people. I don’t make promises I can’t keep and I genuinly want to help. On the same token I’m an investor and am looking for that golden egg. Is there a particular scipt you would reccommend?

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