What's the opposite of a bird dog and how do I find them?

I have an unusual question, in that I’m looking for someone to do the opposite job of a bird dog. Basically I have land I want to sell, but I would like to find someone in the role of a bird dog to connect me with a buyer. I’m looking for any suggestions on how to best find people who have investor connections. I’ve considered trying to attend a few local investor club meetings but they usually fall on days when I’m unable to get away from work, so I’m thinking of running an ad somewhere. However I’m still not convinced that’s the best way to go.

Can anyone out there offer suggestions on how I can find a “reverse” bird dog (for lack of a better term)?

have you tried listing the land for sale in the paper?

Craigslist and Backpage allow free listings… That may get you some action.

You could also go to a real estate broker that does a discount listing and get in on the MLS for 150.00 or so.

Those people who have buyers for your land are called “Realtors” LOL, I just had to say it.

Loopnet.com is one place to advertise land for sale. Also, I believe, Ebay - I read somewhere that Ebay is actually one of the most active Web sites for real estate advertising.