What's the Most Creative RE Marketing Tactic You've Ever Heard?

What’s the Most Creative RE Marketing Tactic You’ve Ever Heard? Share the creativity!


This is a good tactic :smiley:

Maybe it’s because I’m Polish but I don’t get the bus graphic above. How is that creative and how does it generate leads?


that was a joke, it is photoshopped

it all depends on the type of deals you are looking for and your budget.

People miss the important of the content and message on their mailings and concentrate too much about the delivery.


I guess I am Polish :slight_smile: It looks photoshoped but I wasn’t sure. I thought that maybe someone actually did that.

All in all, that is a great example. So many people do marketing without thinking about the target market, medium, location, conversion rate, and more. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did something similar to that in real life.


I can picture a guy standing next to the bus trying to click on the link

LOL…How did you know I did that? :slight_smile:


With all the talk about the housing bubble, the economy, etc., lately on this board, it reminded me of an article I wrote several years ago before all the current talk about today’s market.


There are those who will make some serious money in today’s market, instead of beefing about it get creative!

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