Whats The Most A Real Estate Mentor Should Charge? $500, $1,000, $5,000 Or More?

I offer an unlimited real estate mentoring service.

I am trying to do some market research and wanted to know: what would be a reasonable price to charge for my service?

Should I charge $500, $1,000, $5,000 or possibly more for this service

I currently charge a one time fee of $500 which is negotiable & I include:

  1. I connect them with my 37 partners with over 400 properties weekly that they can help them sell
  2. I give them my cash buyers list database of 30,000 emails
  3. I make them a free website & teach them how to market and grow their business & how to make money via banner ads.
  4. I provide them with contract and scripts to contact motivated home sellers in any state to lock in their property with zero down and then teach them how to flip it.
  5. I teach them about the best places to go online for podcasts, webinars, and additional learning materials to read and watch.
  6. I teach them how to learn online about home projects, repairs, tools, electrical, plumbing, etc.
  7. I teach them how to work with professional construction crews so they can work & learn on building houses
  8. I give them a custom made software program to contact 75 motivated home sellers at a time in about 30 minutes.
  9. I also provide them with unlimited mentoring

I wanted to know if I should charge $500, $1,000, $5,000 or possibly more for this service.

That is a lot. It should be high maybe $20,000 if you have track record.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will not allow any company to provide unlimited mentoring! Look at the history of failed Guru's by googling! Take a look at mistakes made by Russ Whitney, Financial Power Group, Armondo Montolongo, etc. 

Unlimited is impossible to provide and the FTC, SEC, Department of Education, Etc. know it!

I am not a fan of Guru’s or mentoring plans as most often than not clients do not recieve what they pay for!


In my case I provide & let my clients know that I provide them with unlimited mentoring & unlimited access to me until they do their first few deals and until they feel comfortable and confident going out on their own. I am even there for them 24/7 anytime after that via phone, text and email.

I provide them with a package deal that includes unlimited mentoring ( with the “clause”: until they do their first couple of deals ) plus a bunch of other tools for a one time fee.

Also once I receive a new client they become my friend, we work together and their is no limit to our mentoring or business opportunities going back and fourth.


Then you my friend will assureable have visits from unwanted guests, the word unlimited in legal context implies a infinite number of conversations, you can not quantify the word unlimited by first one or two deals as that is not unlimited and amounts to false advertising and contractual fraud by payment whether an actual written contract exists as the buyer depends on your advertised unlimited resource.

(Think about unlimited Cell Phone Data and the $100m dollar FTC fine for throttling! Less than unlimited is not unlimited!)

This is pretty much what has gotten most Guru orginizations in trouble for almost 50 years. We will provide steak and lobster but only provide rotten potatoes and chopped liver!

I don’t have any loss of love for Guru’s as most have ripped off the public for education that somehow always leaves the student just short of understanding and always searching for more, unscrupulous guru’s have used the continual upsell to pick the pockets of unknowing and uneducated students seeking financial security through real estate.

I have never entered the real estate education market place as I am a real estate investor who has no time to stop buying and selling real estate to sell education packages, in fact it’s highly likely I would never ever make the kind of money selling education and mentoring I can make in real estate.

If I had to personally enter the real estate education field which includes mentoring I would be admitting I have failed as a real estate investor as I have to sell a lot of education / mentoring to make the kind of money I can make in multiple area’s of real estate investing.
(IE: Wholesaling, Fix & Flip, Lease Options, Commercial Property, Etc.)


I see what you mean.

It seems the word unlimited seems to fall in a gray area. I did just see a commercial on tv for unlimited fries at a restaurant, but when you get there, there is always a catch.

I decided to teach and help those who have no idea of what they are doing. When I started no one wanted to help me. So after flipping a few deals and making a quick $20,000 in my first 5 deals, all within 4 months, as a newbie, with no cash, credit, experience or license, I said: "wow I have grown and have all of this just sitting here, i wonder if I can network, grow more & help and teach those who want to learn. And at the same time I still find owner financed deals, wholesale, find motivated home sellers, I put $1,000,000 properties under option contracts for 30-90 days in Miami, with ZERO down, etc…

I guess the unlimited mentoring is possible on a case by case basis. I guess I’m offering my unlimited time, and that can be spread out over whatever amount of time, so their is no limit? I can offer you unlimited whatever but if you eventually don’t want it or need it anymore, then all is well, etc… As long as the customer is happy, there should be no problem with the marketing? And during our initial consultation I tell my customers that this is worth a lot more then what I am charging, I have them analyze what I am offering, they make me an offer and we get started immediately.

If someone wants to pay me $500, $1,000 or $5,000 to teach them everything from A - Z, I cant turn that down. The average time it takes for a student to understand the process is about 2-5 hours. The teaching and selling, wholesaling, etc all goes hand in hand.

All of my past students are very happy. They include: Firefighters, Accountants, Realtors, Real Estate Brokers, Title Companies, Etc…

I got into real estate by mistake in 2010 when a friend of mine wanted my help to sell a home that was a gift. She did not want the house. She wanted the cash. And she did not want to pay a Realtor. So she came to me & asked for my help. I immediately placed it under contract with zero deposit to lock in the deal.

To make a long story short, she found out that I was going to make $9,000 flipping the deal to an end buyer when my buyers Realtor called her & told her what I was going to make. My friend started crying & said that she was going to give me $500 if i was able to sell it, but that she did not want me to make anything more than that. She wanted to cancel our contract. I was going to sue her & the Realtor but I decided to just let it go.

I immediately called back all the buyers that wanted to buy that deal, I told them what happened, I asked them if they had any deals that I could partner up with them on to help them sell & they all said yes.

I stayed positive & focused & I sold 3 houses, 30 days after loosing the deal with my friend.

I sold 3 houses in 30 days with no license, cash, credit or experience. I made $7,500 for about 5 hours of work that it took to put those 3 deal together.

Those were my first 3 partners. Now I have over 30 partners.

The rest is history.