Whats the best way to sell houses in a quick manner?

Ok lets say you get some houses at a good price, got your financing together…now you got to sell them. If your lender wants thier money back in 6 months or less what is the best way to get your houses sold at a price that will satisfy your lender?

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You’re going to get all kinds of answers to this one… The best answer depends on your margins…

In a buyers market the key ingredient is Price… If you have the spread list it in the MLS at 95% of value, offer the selling agent 3.5% commission and a 750 bonus for a full price offer that closes in 30 days or less.

Try and list it using an Open Listing Agreement… This way you also can market the property… I will caution you to not reduce the price that you can sell it for because you’re saving commissions, just use that money to market.

Remember that while buying the property you should be trying to sell the darn thing… For me the best investment strategy is to never own real estate… So start selling each of them as soon as you have the contract signed.

In fact if you use an agent to sell (Never Buy) start networking with them before your telephone rings… Learn what they are looking for for their buyers. Its a lot easier signing a purchase agreement when you already have the house sold…

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I am hoping I will be purchasing around 40-50 cents on the dollar so it will give me plenty of room for anything that will pop up.

When marketing what wording could I use to let people know that I am very negotiable on price?

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Please don’t say the words negotiable on price… You should set the price to sell at the price in which you would accept and which will cause it to sell. Period…If you’re a flipper, flipping implies turning your dollar and the more times you can the more dollars you make…

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40-50 cents on the dollar … if FMV, you won’t need any special lingo to find a buyer, they’ll be lining up.

for the other deals you can use “motivated seller” … “must sell by ‘specific date’” … etc
It will be more important to get all the buyers know it is a deal and it is for sale.

You could have the best wording in the world, but if no buyers are aware of the property, it won’t matter.

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One option is to sell your house to a local investment firm. They can close quickly and we don’t have to wait for a bank loan to come through. Also, they have no problem providing you access to bankers and references who can verify the investor’s ability to close on the loan.

Here are the options You Have To Sell Your House Fast:

Price it right from the start
Interior and exterior must look good
Good ambience and lighting
Use social media
Choose real estate agent wisely
Give a review about the neighborhood
Check what other properties in the area have sold for
Kitchens and bathrooms are often the main areas of focus for prospective buyers
Do promotion by yourself
Clean and depersonalize it
Good Photos in the listing
Make the house easy to show
Be prepared to negotiate

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Here are some tips which will be helpful to sell home fast:-
Set the right price to sell a home
Enhance the curb appeal of home
Clean the home and make all necessary repair
Stage the home by professionals
Make sure your home is listed on major real estate portals
Put house on various social media channels

you can also use the power of social media like facebook. Sometimes its good to start to create a community in facebook.

Yes, the social media has become a favorite platform for a number of other purposes like sales, promotion, popularity, awareness and more. Let us tell you the different ways you can use it for sell your house quickly.

Here are also few similar tips of using social media to sell your house quickly.

Create a Facebook page
Create Pinterest groups
Create YouTube videos
Facebook and Pinterest Ads
Use Google Plus
Create a Photo album on Facebook
Use Pinterest and Facebook events
Use your blog for creating a list of interested buyers

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To sell your house fast, I think you should follow some steps properly.

Step-1: Prepare your house well to make it attractive enough to the buyers (It’s very important to get a good price quote).
Step-2: Publicize it within the local market and your locality. It should be through flyers, posters or any other kind of offline advertising. Also, you can spread it through your word of mouth.
Step-3: Contact the local realtors (Only who have z good reputation over the decades)
Step-4: Publicize it online through classified ads, social media, website advertising, etc.
Step-5: Contact the online realtors who buy houses in your locality and must have good reviews.

Step-6: Present your house to the buyers who responded to your publicity stunts.
Step-7: Place your price quote before them.
Step-8: Negotiate (if necessary)
Step-9: Sell your house the appropriate buyer :cool

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The ‘best’ way to sell ‘quick’ is to offer either a bargain price, or bargain terms. Either way, it’s all about offering a perceived, or actual, bargain.

You can sell your house to a local investment firm

Here are a few tips to sell your home faster-
1 Declutter the home.
2. Find an experienced real estate agent.
3. Make the required upgrades to your house.
4. Conduct a home inspection.
5. Repair all the damaged things.
6. Find an appropriate home appraisal.
7. List your home on different websites.
8. Take attractive photographs of your home.
9. Promote the house.