What's the best way to seek out bird dogs?

I know most times people are usually looking for properties to assign and investors to sell them to. But in my case I’m wondering how do I find bird dogs and wholesalers in my area?

You can find them right here in this forum, just make sure you select a quality one that will bust their butt for you!!

where are you located ?

I am in Sacramento, California

105 out today!!!

What are you looking for?

I’d like to know where you’re located? Go offline to discuss…

Who is this directed towards?

Who is this directed towards?

What a trainwreck this thread is!


The best way is though this forum and through free advertising like craigslist or something.

I don’t even know why I answered… I agree that this thread is a train wreck. lol :banghead

To invest2freedom: Wow I can see your posting getting deleted. :flush

Ya reckon???

Joshua - I strongly recommend that you spend a few minutes reading (or re-reading) the Forum Rules. You broke about 3 of them with this one post.


Sorry guys, did’nt mean to wreck the forum with this post. I’m in the south burbs of Chicago and basically I’m looking for a birddog to help me out with a project, so I’m just looking for the best ways to go about finding people. Since some of you suggested this site I’ll start here.

I did’nt want to get to specific initially as I did’nt want to break any of the forum rules. Feel free to message me if you want additional details.